Isaac Cordal

Waiting for the Climate Change

Villa Le Chalutier, Bortierlaan 25.
De Panne 

Beach between Leopold I Esplanade and Hendrik Consciencelaan The Spanish artist Isaac Cordal has been living and working for several years as a street artist in Brussels. By working on a small scale the artist creates an enormous freedom of movement for himself. He sometimes sets off with up to twenty sculptures in his rucksack, to spread them about in the area. For this he rarely uses sculptures that are more than 25 cm high. The underlying idea is that the town degenerates into decor for these little sculptures, and that they find protection behind, under and between the street furniture. Cordal is interested in the fact that the involvement is by nature temporary and that each passer-by can become an involuntary viewer. In his installations he often expresses a concern about our problematic relationship with nature in town and about the passivity and distressing lack of interest towards the hopeless state of the environment. This concern is also present in the installation Waiting for the Climate Change on the beach of De Panne. The small sculptures - as yet high and dry and with a buoy tied around their waist - are located on a pole, waiting for the consequences of global warming. They seem to be passively waiting for the sea to drag them away. Cordals installation in Villa Le Chalutier is a further elaboration on this theme.