Melita Couta

The Wanderer / Journeys

Beach Sint-André Oostduinkerke, End of Gillis Scottlaan / NAVIGO, Pastoor Schmitzstraat 5

A faun with a golden horn stares vacantly towards the sea with its head raised and open mouth. The faun, an old Greek mythological figure, is linked with the location on the beach at Koksijde through its association with old customs and the superstitions of the fishermen. He is staring at the interminable sea, symbol of the eternal waiting, the longing. With his open mouth he blows with the wind and drinks the rain. 
In her Journeys the artist is searching for connections and differences between people and places, resulting in a map with inhabitants. To her maps are not only the reproduction of landscape elements, but can just as well reproduce structures of a very different kind. For this she has sought out archive material of the Fisheries Museum as well as own family photographs, thus creating a new universe, in which her own Cypriotic background is interwoven with the rich history of the fishing families of Koksijde.