Ivars Drulle

I Can Hear It

Beach by Hotel Bellevue, Zeedijk 300

The work of Ivars Drulle consists largely of in situ installations and miniature figures with a narrative element. So Drulle explores the two extremes: on the one hand enormous installations and sculptures, on the other minuscule maquettes and miniatures which often produce sound. He prefers to search for the specific characteristics of a site in order to evoke a unique feel from the installations which are linked to the site, integrated in the local and global culture. He expects the visitor to interact with his objects – wander round inside them, touch them, listen and observe. By interacting the viewer becomes conscious of the fine vibrations of light, sound and movement round himself, and also how varied, fragile and powerful our world is. With I Can Hear It he gives the viewer the chance to step outside the everyday pressures and to become one with the natural power of the sea.Two horns (similar to the shape of an old record gramophone or hearing equipment) are located towards the sea. On a bench in front of the horns a woman is sitting and listening. The visitors are invited to sit down next to the woman and hear the sound of the sea through the second horn.  Through numerous details (the woman’s clothes, the bolts of the horns) the installation is linked to the Art Nouveau style of the Hotel Bellevue, thus connecting with the past image of the coast as a prestigious recreation area.