Jeppe Hein

Modified Social Benches L-U

Dyke De Haan, by the Christianaplein
De Haan - Wenduine  


Jeppe Hein's work speaks to all of us, even if we haven't asked it to. Hein excels in setting up apparently accidental happenings, that play with the laws of cause and effect and evoke an unexpected inventive behaviour from the viewer. His interventions, both sculptural as well as architectural, set up a dialogue between the work itself, the visitor and the surroundings – even though it is a conversation for which no one is fully prepared. As is the case with much of Hein's work, the Modified Social Benches on the dyke in De Haan seem to hide behind a disguise of fun and entertainment. But what they actually evoke is a process of interaction and communication that works on different levels.