Marco Casagrande


Beach Wenduine, by Chalet West-Hinder
De Haan - Wenduine  

 “Designing is not sufficient. Design should not replace reality. The building must grow out of the location; it must react to its environment, it must be a reflection of life and also be itself, as every other living being. Architectural control goes against nature and thus also against architecture. The built human environment is a mediator between human nature and nature itself. To be part of this, man must be weak.”The work of Marco Casagrande is on the cusp between architecture and visual art. His work pays witness to a continuing interaction between work and environment: there is not a single building of his that is not searching for the questions thrown up by the immediate surroundings. For Beaufort04 Casagrande has created a fifty-metre long Sandworm, which stretches out between the dunes like an enormous wooden worm. The holes in the tunnel invite the visitors to come along too.