Folkert De Jong

Monument voor een Saltimbanque

Paravang, Havenstraat - Franchommelaan

Folkert de Jong is known for his colourful figures in polyurethane foam, which with their sour facial expressions seem to carry an uncomfortable message with them.  For his work of art at Beaufort04 the artist uses bronze and aims at a reinterpretation of the use and the connotations of this material. Monument voor een Saltimbanque the artist imagines as harlequin, court jester, acrobat or actor: a theme which runs like a golden thread through De Jong's oeuvre. The artist is the fool who has to make the critical comments that no one else dares to speak. He can unravel mysterious secrets, make connections that defy logic. He has access to all layers of society, can speak with the powerful, politicians and kings, and is perhaps a guide who leads us through the chaos of human drama, like the figure in the centre of Brueghel's painting The battle between feasting and fasting, which De Jong acknowledges as his personal favourite out of Brueghel's work.