Michael Johansson

The Move Overseas

Near the Royal Sailing Club, Omookaai

Michael Johansson is fascinated by irregularities in everyday reality, which ironically enough just flow from an unexpected form of regularity. The same colours of patterns on two different objects, or even just the discovery by zapping that an actor is playing two different roles at the same time. This coincidence leads to a complete oeuvre of stacks, in which everything is perfectly stacked up, without there being even one element outside the contours of the stack. For Beaufort04 Johansson deconstructs a stack of containers. Often when people move overseas complete households are packed in a container. By taking out the contents of the container and stacking them up in that absurdly efficient way, Johansson wants to point to this hyper-mobility and the standardisation of transport processes. This makes the container structure itself transparent. By putting the emphasis on the contents of the container and imagining them without the structure, paradoxically enough, the actual volume of the container is more visible.