Zoom in on summer!

Visual art in a coastal setting: the ideal occasion for an amazing photo series!
From July 1 until August 31, Beaufort04 in cooperation with KBC, organizes a unique photo contest.
Take part and win an iPad!

How to participate?

Take your smartphone to the coast and zoom in on Beaufort. There are several options to ‘zoom in’: you can take a work of art that fascinates you, or a picture of something that reminds you of a specific work of art, or something completely else. There’s only one condition: the subject of your photo has to be Beaufort.

And then?

Put your photo on instagram and tag it with #beaufort04. We will then automatically receive an overview of all the competing photos. Each week, we’ll be giving away a Beaufort Picture Book to the photographer who took the best photo. That photo will then appear on a separate page.  

Jimmy picks the winner

On August 31, when the contest is over, photographer Jimmy Kets, who made the official Beaufort press photos, will choose the best 3 photos. The winners will receive their prize in September.

go, click, tag!